Stranded On A Planet

Music Production / Composition

Stranded On A Planet is about making great music. We compose, produce, record, mix, and master music with talented artists and clients from all around the world. Combining the finest analog equipment with the newest and best digital gear, we make recordings that have intense emotional, musical, and sonic qualities. From composition and scoring for visual media, to original rock, pop, electronic, folk, blues, experimental, and just about every genre there is, we like to work on music that matters.


New projects for Springtime...

This week we finished mastering the new EP release for The Dirty Generals, a Chicago-based rockabilly/honky tonk group, and good friends of the studio. We also started work on another production for The Gigglebellies - an original tune for one of their upcoming children's DVD releases. Also we tracked resonator guitar for the next song by The Hawthorne Effect which will be a mix of Delta blues, fuzzed out psychedelic swagger, and swamp rock. Scott and Bethany are also tracking mandolin for "Wrong Place For The Right Thing", the next song on their own upcoming album (The Morning Stares is their group). Lastly, we finished mixing and mastering for "Mudslide", an original Nashville country production for Karen Kiley. Looks like the Springtime is off to a great start!

Professional Music Production and Composition