Stranded On A Planet

Music Production / Composition

Stranded On A Planet is about making great music. We compose, produce, record, mix, and master music with talented artists and clients from all around the world. Combining the finest analog equipment with the newest and best digital gear, we make recordings that have intense emotional, musical, and sonic qualities. From composition and scoring for visual media, to original rock, pop, electronic, folk, blues, experimental, and just about every genre there is, we like to work on music that matters.


Articles published by Softube...

Since I get to create and experiment with so many great tools at my job, I get to know many of the developers during the process. One of my favorite companies is Softube, commonly referred to as the Swedish rock'n'roll scientists. I have written several articles for them, covering topics ranging from mixing tips, plugin compressor selection and operation, project management, and multi-reverb usage, to name a few. Here are the links to the articles - drop by the Softube site to read a few, and demo some of their world-class plugins.



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Creating a sense of space

Getting big rock drum sounds

Double distortion

Easy way to vocal harmonies

Keeping projects clean and simple

Double compressors on vocals

Professional Music Production and Composition