Stranded On A Planet

Music Production / Composition

Stranded On A Planet is about making great music. We compose, produce, record, mix, and master music with talented artists and clients from all around the world. Combining the finest analog equipment with the newest and best digital gear, we make recordings that have intense emotional, musical, and sonic qualities. From composition and scoring for visual media, to original rock, pop, electronic, folk, blues, experimental, and just about every genre there is, we like to work on music that matters.



Produced at Stranded On A Planet

The following are all tracks produced at Stranded On A Planet. Artists include Nadia Ali, Cavalier King, The Hawthorne Effect, Voice Of Addiction, The Morning Stares, Amirah Ali, Martha Berner and The Significant Others, TJ Courtney, A Friend Called Fire, Karen Kiley, Dave Keats, and Dirtywhite Fashion.

Professional Music Production and Composition