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Music Production / Composition

Stranded On A Planet is about making great music. We compose, produce, record, mix, and master music with talented artists and clients from all around the world. Combining the finest analog equipment with the newest and best digital gear, we make recordings that have intense emotional, musical, and sonic qualities. From composition and scoring for visual media, to original rock, pop, electronic, folk, blues, experimental, and just about every genre there is, we like to work on music that matters.


SCOTT FRITZ - president/lead composer

Chances are, you’ve heard the musical creations of Scott Fritz. 

- Scott is the co-writer and producer of “Taste The Feeling”, the current global Coca-Cola anthem. “Taste The Feeling” has redefined the sound of the world’s most recognizable brand, has been heard by over 2 billion people, and has been performed by dozens of top artists around the globe including Avicii, Conrad Sewell, Luan Santana, Abraham Mateo, and NCT 127, to name a few. 

- The global Coca-Cola commercial “Anthem” was produced and scored by Scott, as well as the global hit commercial “Brotherly Love”. Scott also lent his vocals to “What’s A Coca-Cola For”. Head over to the VIDEOS page to take a look. 

- Scott has produced and composed dozens of global commercial spots for Schweppes, Del Valle, Hot Springs Spas, Sewell Ford, Lyft, and Coca-Cola, to name a few. Head over to the VIDEOS page to take a look. 

- In addition to television commercials, Scott has scored dozens of shorts and promo videos for Facebook, working directly with Mark Zuckerberg’s team to announce major Facebook features, such as Facebook Collages, Facebook Heroes, and Facebook Live. Head over to the VIDEOS page to take a look. 

- Scott has been the president and lead producer of Stranded On A Planet for 15 years. During that time, he has composed over 800 cues for Warner/Chappell, consistently producing top selling cues such as the recent “150 Proof”, one of the top 10 most downloaded cues of 2016 on the Warner/Chappell Production Music site. Scott’s Warner/Chappell cues have been used for hundreds of shows, promos, and commercials, such as “Subterranean”, which was used for the 2015 Citrix commercial - head over to the VIDEOS page to take a look. 

- Scott is also a composer for major Hollywood motion picture trailers, having recently scored several trailers for “How To Be A Latin Lover” with Rob Lowe, Kristen Bell, and Salma Hayek - 
“Father Figures”, starring Ed Helms and Owen Wilson, “Everybody Loves Somebody” starring Karla Souza, and the 2016 summer hit “No Manches Frida” . Head over to the VIDEOS page to take a look. 

-Scott co-produced with Alcon/Sleeping Giant "Almost Human" by superstar Lauren Daigle for the 2017 major motion picture juggernaut “Blade Runner 2049”. Available for purchase or streaming worldwide. 

- Scott co-produced with Alcon/Sleeping Giant “Still Breathing” for artist Dig The Kid, which was the end title song for 2016’s major motion picture remake “Point Break” , available for purchase or streaming worldwide. 

- Scott co-produced with Alcon/Sleeping Giant "Can't Hold Out On Love" by Jason Mraz, which was featured as an end title song for 2017’s major motion picture “Father Figures”, starring Owen Wilson and Ed Helms. He also co-produced the other end title song "Can't Stop This Love" by Tim Myers, formerly of OneRepublic. 

- Scott was also an executive producer and co-host of “The Top Shelf”, a video series produced for Guitar Center/GC Pro to showcase cutting edge professional audio developers . Head over to the VIDEOS page to take a look.

- Scott has also scored dozens of original productions for the hit children’s animation team The Gigglebellies, and has produced over 1000 tracks for Beachbody, the global fitness company whose products include P90X, Insanity, Chalene Extreme, and PiYo, all of which for whom Scott currently produces music. 

- On the artist production side, Scott works with global house music superstar Nadia Ali and produced the majority of her last solo album, “Embers” , and contributed guitars and bass to the 2016 hit song “We Only Have Tonight” by Mexican star band Reik, available for purchase or streaming globally. 

- Scott has produced over a dozen artist tracks with the legendary Fleetwood Mac producer Ken Caillat, including contributing musical parts on songs/recordings for his daughter and major recording artist Colbie Caillat.


BETHANY FRITZ - co-producer/vocalist

Bethany is the president and lead photographer for Maypole Studios as well as a songwriter and co-producer at Stranded On A Planet. She studied photography and interior design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, and at Chicago's Harrington School of Design. Her voice can be heard on virtually all of the productions at Stranded On A Planet, and she and Scott can be seen playing in various venues around Chicago with The Morning Stares, their experimental rock group. She and Scott recently celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary.


MICHAEL RICKARD - senior account executive

Michael has been the top sales executive at every organization he has worked at over the last 19 years, with cross-industry expertise and repeated significant success. His number one goal while cultivating positive and enduring relationships with Stranded On A Planet partnerships is putting the customers' vision first and exceeding all expectations. Michael has also been a touring and recording artist over the last 15 years and is well versed in guitar, vocals, bass, drums and production. To explore licensing opportunities for Stranded on a Planet and to find out how our global success can be yours, connect with Michael at to learn more. 


Professional Music Production and Composition