Stranded On A Planet

Music Production / Composition

Stranded On A Planet is about making great music. We compose, produce, record, mix, and master music with talented artists and clients from all around the world. Combining the finest analog equipment with the newest and best digital gear, we make recordings that have intense emotional, musical, and sonic qualities. From composition and scoring for visual media, to original rock, pop, electronic, folk, blues, experimental, and just about every genre there is, we like to work on music that matters.


2017 recap...

2017 was a phenomenal year at Stranded On A Planet. In addition to seeing our Coca-Cola anthem "Taste The Feeling" go fully global in over 200 countries and recorded by almost a dozen global artists in different languages and styles, Scott was able to work on some truly remarkable projects. He co-produced "Almost Human" by Lauren Daigle with Alcon/Sleeping Giant for the major motion picture juggernaut soundtrack for Blade Runner 2049. He also co-produced with Alcon/Sleeping Giant the two end title songs for the major motion picture "Father Figures", the first "Can't Hold Out On Love" by superstar Jason Mraz, and the other, "Can't Stop This Love" by Tim Myers from OneRepublic. Scott scored several major motion picture trailers as well, including for movies such as "How To Be A Latin Lover", "Everybody Loves Somebody",  "No Manches Frida", and more. Head over to the VIDEOS page to take a look. In addition, over a dozen of Scott's cues were featured in Facebook short films, showcasing various initiatives introduced by Mark Zuckerberg, as well as accompanying many shorts showcasing how Facebook is used as a tool of positivity around the world. Scott has also been busy producing several songs for ArtistMax, with legendary Fleetwood Mac producer Ken Caillat. 2018 is already seeing the continuation of those projects, and many more exciting ventures. 

Professional Music Production and Composition